About Us

Makers of Love was conceptualized as the result of many factors. There are several areas in which Makers of Love will provide highly applicable products and services that greatly benefit the consumers. However, it is not the products and services we provide that will be the key to our success, but the environment we create while supplying consumers with the products and services they seek out through Makers of Love. 


In the first stages of development, Makers of Love operated as a production company that hosted shows, concerts, community events, and other happiness inspiring experiences. We also launched this website to offer company and event information, Makers of Love merchandise, member forums, games, videos, and other media which promotes love and happiness. 


While we have maintained our focus on uniting the community and creating a loving environment, we have shifted our original plan of action to better achieve our final goal. There are still plans in the works to continue hosting concerts and events, but we have taken a more green approach to spreading our message. We believe that it is our duty as a corporate entity to operate using the most sustainable means available. That means that we will be using as few single-use products as we can in an attempt to lower pollution and waste. That also means investing into plant based packaging solutions and zero-waste production methods. Furthermore, we have our own hemp farm and are using organic farming standards to provide the cleanest, safest products available. We are constantly looking into new ways to lower our carbon footprint and ensure a brighter, healthier future for this planet and all who call it home! 


Makers of Love was founded as an effort to bring compassion into the world of business. We believe that the principles upon which a company operates should be focused on the value their products and services add to their consumers' lives, and not the value they add to wealthy CEO's pockets. We believe that when a company is designing a product or service, they shouldn't release something just to be making sales, but only when that product or service is actually refined and delivers quality performance and satisfaction. We believe that everyone deserves to have the best products and services available at an affordable price. But most of all, we believe that compassion and genuine LOVE must be put into everything we do, and that means YOU come first. 


Makers of Love is proud to introduce our new line of Cannabis Products!! 

For over 10,000 years humans have been cultivating and transporting these magical plants. After 80 years of prohibition, the world has spoken and these plants and their incredible derivatives are being brought back into the world of medicine! Here at Makers of Love, we stand by our promise to provide this world with the top quality products and services that allow us to FEEL THE LOVE. After many years of personal studies and research, we have developed a line of Hemp-based products we believe will enhance and improve your overall quality-of-life. These products and their ingredients are still being reviewed by the FDA and have not yet been approved to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any illnesses or diseases. However; we believe that in time, you will see the full legalization and support of cannabis by the US government as the studies and clinical trials are continuing to provide evidence to support what we feel to be self-evident. We hope you FEEL THE LOVE that goes into every MOL product and the benefits speak for themselves! All of these products contain less than .3% THC and are legal as defined by the 2018 Farm Bill. We are constantly working on new products and will make them available as regulations change and allow us to provide such products. 


As Minnesota, and the rest of the US, have continued to loosen restrictions on cannabis, we have begun production of our own line of genetics! The first rounds will be self-crossings (S1) of some well-known industry favorites. As we continue, we will be releasing all new chemovars of never-before-seen crossings! Stay tuned to keep up with the latest!!